The joy that little things can bring to us

Her Dream Store is solely focused to supply joy, positivity to their customers with every purchase they make. We believe that little things have the power to give enormous joy that even a billion dollars could not.

Our Ethics

We aim to provide an elite shopping experience to our customers with ease of access and communication.


To build a strong, happy community and a sustainable
business culture.

A Pretty Pandemic Tale

Like everybody else, Sangavi’s initial days of lockdown were challenging. Having been an outdoor person, it was unimaginable for her to live in the house with a boring routine. Eventually, she found ways to cheer herself up with the so-called new normal of ‘Stay Home’. Her passionate videos of dressing-up, decorating her bedroom and creating a tiny workspace with minimal things gained her a lot of audience that motivated her to start her very first YouTube channel. A great number of people reached her asking about the cute headbands and stationeries that she used in her videos. This interest from people sparked the little entrepreneur inside her family to step into the world of business. It is still magical that with a very petite investment, her family was able to pull-it off. Now her Father and Mother are busy enjoying their retirement life running their small business in behalf of her Daughter’s Dream.