Unicorn Pouch Gift Hamper

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The Unicorn Pouch Gift Hamper contains 12 items: a pouch, pen, pencil, eraser, diary, sticky notes, and highlighters.

The pouch is adorned with a charming unicorn design, providing a convenient and stylish way to store and carry your stationery items.

The pen and pencil feature vibrant colors and smooth writing capabilities, making them perfect companions for any writing task.

The eraser ensures clean and precise erasing, while showcasing an adorable unicorn shape that adds a touch of fun to your stationery collection.

The diary provides a space to record your thoughts, plans, and ideas, all while showcasing a delightful unicorn-themed cover.

The sticky notes are handy for leaving reminders, marking pages, or adding a pop of color to your workspace.

The highlighters come in various vibrant colors, allowing you to emphasize important information or add artistic flair to your notes or artwork.

This Unicorn Pouch Gift Hamper is a fantastic choice for unicorn enthusiasts and stationery lovers, offering a delightful assortment of items to bring joy, organization, and creativity to your everyday life.

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